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I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.

KJV Bible Mandela Effect/Quantum Effect Changes

These are photos of KJV Bible scriptures from a Bible on my bookshelf. These pages were stuck together; maybe that is what preserved the text. The Mandela/Quantum Effect and CERN has created new versions of these verses. Click the link(s) to view enlarged photos ("residue" of what the verse once said) on

This image is not from my Bible.

Validate Images of Bible Pages

As I mentioned above, these images above, with the exception of the John 3:16 picture, were taken of pages from one of my Bibles. A critic who maintains that the Effect has not effected the Bible has stated that either the KJV Bible the images on this page were taken from is a fake or I doctored the photographs to change the text. I have never heard of fake KJV Bibles, have you? Why would someone do that? The Bible has a lot of pages, Also, I and others have noticed that changes sometimes flip flop. How could anyone create a fake Bible for the Effect? If someone were to create such a Bible and print it, they would have to print other versions, become invisible (or use a cloaking device), break into people's homes, and sneak in and out of those homes to replace the other versions. That is impossible. Anyway, I assure you that the images above are genuine. However, there are ways to prove that a photograph not doctored.

If you wish to test the authenticity of the Bible images above, you can download the images and perform analysis on them. Follow the steps on the video clip or on go to the Forensically photo analysis site. For Forensically, go to Select Open Forensically. Click Open File and locate the image you downloaded. Options for checking the images include: Magnifier, Clone Detection, Error Level Analysis, Noise Analysis, Luminance Gradient, Principle Component Analysis, Geo Tags, Thumbnail Analysis, JPEG Analysis, and String Extraction.

The 3-minute video clip to the right shows is from an hour-long video. The clip shows image analysis on the recently discovered photograph of missing pilot Amelia Earhart. The photo was analyzed on the History Channel special Amelia Earheart: The Lost Evidence. You can use the same process to validate the images of Bible pages above (except the John 3:16 photo).

Short video clip from the History Channel presentation Amelia Earhart: Lost Evidence. This shows the process to validate authenticity of photographs.

Lion and the Lamb - More Evidence, In Film and TV

Sergeant York


This Jeopardy contestant remembers "... the lion shall lie down with the lamb."

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Mandela Effect - 100% PROOF it was the Lion and the Lamb

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The Heavens and the Earth

The Mandela Effect : "The Heavens" of The Movie "The Book of Eli"

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Jeopardy and John Hagee

Mandela Effect - Lion and the Lamb UNDENIABLE PROOF

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I may have found the REAL Isaiah 11:6!!!!(Mandela/Quantum Effect)

By GodsWarriorPrincess 777

Other Bible Changes

Proof of Bible Changes

Mandela effect - Proof of original Bible words changed

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Quantum Effects Website and Facebook Group Information

For a current list of the changes to the Bible, click the Website link below.

You will have to register to use the site the first time you log on.

The Facebook page for Quantum Warriors is a site to discuss changes to scripture the link is

The Quantum Effect Concerning Scriptures Facebook group is another group to discuss changes to scripture. The link is:

The Quantum Effect group is closed. Request to be added to the group only if you have noticed changes to Scripture.

Other Bible Changes Resource Pages is a great resource. Bill Beam has links to a printable list of Bible changes and links to videos about the changes.

The "MANDELA EFFECT" BIBLE CHANGES Website is a great resource that has links to other Bible changes sites.

Truth Farmer is another great site for a list of Bible changes.