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I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.

Prayer For Christians Effected By the Quantum Effect

Tracy Hartman posted a prayer on the Quantum Effect Concerning the Scriptures. I believe this prayer is anointed to bless people suffering the ill effects of this attack against reality.

In the authority of the name of Jesus, I ask that the anointing and mantle of Elijah, of Isaiah, of Jeremiah and the anointing of the Messiah fall upon you ‘NOW' and bind to them now, and that fire rains down from heaven upon my enemies, in the supernatural and the natural, and causes them to flee from me seven different ways and by the authority of the name Jesus, His thorns, His stripes and His blood. I ask that you bind to them the promise of being more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37-39), for I can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens me (Philippians 4:13), no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against me by the Word of my Abba, I shall condemn (Isaiah 54:17), for vengeance is His (Deut. 32:5, Romans 12;19). 

His eye is on the sparrow (Matthew 10:29-31) so I know He watches them. I am blessed and highly favored (Luke 1:28), going in and coming out (Deut. 28:6), fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) without a doubt, for Almighty God the Father Yah Ahayah has NOT given me the spirit of fear (2Timothy 1:7) but of power, of love AND OF A SOUND MIND.

This prayer I seal with the blood of Jesus,. I declare and decree it to BE, touching in agreement (Matthew 18:19) with my brothers and sisters in the Lord and by the Holy Spirit and the touch of sight. We believe this in the authority of the name of Jesus, and we send this prayer out by the everlasting promise of Isaiah 55:11, which says that the Word of the Lord shall prosper and accomplish what He pleases and shall not return to Him void. Therefore, we RECEIVE IT, and it IS SO, and it IS DONE!

HalleluYAH!!!! Glory to the Lamb of God! Thank YOU to the Son, JESUS, the name above every other one, the same yesterday, today, forevermore!!!!

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