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I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.

Seeking to share truth found through the name of Jesus Christ, the ONE TRUE GOD, and the unchanging, eternal Word of God ( the name of Jesus as revealed in Revelation 19:13). 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12, warned us that there would be a strong delusion coming. Amos 8:-11 prophesied that there would come a famine for hearing the Word of the Lord. Daniel 7:25 speaks of changing times and laws. Are you awake yet?

The printed and audible versions of our beloved Holy Scriptures are being nefariously rewritten in these times. Watch this video on QUANTUM COMPUTING

Read Amos 8:11-12, Daniel 7:25, and 2 Thessalonians 2:8-11 - Bible prophecy is unfolding. The time is short and the Bride of Christ needs to wake up. Jesus Christ offers the gift of eternal salvation to all who ask for the forgiveness of sins, repent, and confess Him as Lord and Savior. Have you met the Savior yet? Time is very short - commit your life to Him now. We all need Jesus. Desperately.


Email: [email protected]

The EXTOL YESHUA ALWAYS YouTube channel has many great links to not only Mandela Effect videos but other information also. I highly recommend viewing the EXTOL YESHUA ALWAYS channel. A huge amount of research went into these videos.

Special thanks to Kat for allowing to post videos from her YouTube page.

Samples of EXTOL YESHUA ALWAYS videos

Strange Words NOW in Scripture (Part 1) - Bible Changed - Quantum Mandela Effect 

Strange Words NOW in Scripture (Part 2) - Bible Changed - Quantum Mandela Effect  

Strange Words NOW in Scripture (Part 3) - Bible Changed - Quantum Mandela Effect

Slay and Destroy Enemies NOW in Scripture? Bible Changed Quantum Mandela Effect

CODE BREAKER Quantum MANDELA EFFECT- Kings' Court & Royal Bloodlines, 1984 - Bible Changed

Mandela Effect: POLLUTION now in Scripture - Bible Changed

Mandela Effect in Scripture - Linen Yarn - Word Insert - Bible Changed

Mandela Effect: EXORCISTS now in Scripture - BIBLE CHANGED

Mandela Effect - SORRY is NOW in Scripture - Word Insert - All Bibles Changed - PROOF

Mandela Effect: CERN, Weasel, and Censer in SCRIPTURE?! BIBLE CHANGED

Mandela Effect - Searching Scriptures and How to Find Changes in Bible

Mandela Effect: The World CANNOT hate you?!?!?!? ALL Bibles Changed

Mandela Effect: Italy, Spain, India and Countries NOW in Scripture - Bible Changed

BIBLE now says to accept a False Jesus?!?!?! Wake UP! Mandela Effect

Mandela Effect - JESUITS now in Scriptures?! Bible changed

FALSE PROPHETS are now WONDERFUL?!?! Mandela Effect KJV Bible Changed

Mandela Effect: Planes, Rails, Ferry Boat, Cab, and a Ford in Scripture! Bible Changed

TRAFFICKERS in the BIBLE! Mandela Effect - KJV Bible Changed

The APOSTLE PAUL Now ROBBED CHURCHES?!?! Mandela Effect - All Bibles Changed

NEW CAREERS in the Bible! Mandela Effect Bible Changed

Consider the RAVENS?!? ALL Bibles Changed Mandela Effect


Emoji Found in KJV bible! Mandela Effect Bible Changed

Jesus Enters Jerusalem on TWO Asses?!?!?!? Mandela Effect Bibles Changed

STRANGE WORDS IN SCRIPTURE (Part 6) - Mandela Effect Bibles Changed

NEW Marine Life in Scripture - Mandela Effect Bibles Changed

The LORD's Supper Now a Ritual?!?! Mandela Effect Bible Changed  

John 3:15 and 16b are NOW duplicated in the Scripture! Mandela Effect Bibles Changed

Mythological Creatures Now in Scripture: Phoenix, Satyr, & More Mandela Effect Bibles Changed