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Crimes Against Humanity

Posted on December 16, 2016 at 10:10 PM

YouTuber NoblenessDee mentioned crimes against humanity in some of his informative videos on population changes and changes in geography. I wish we could sue CERN for crimes against humanity for causing the Mandela Effect/Quantum Effect. I would like to go back home to my old reality/Earth, but that can never happen. Just like the characters in the old TV shows Sliders and Quantum Leap, you and I are stuck here. Even if CERN could reverse what they have done with the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator and three D-Wave computers (they can’t), that would throw even more people into the Effect. This is our new home, and CERN cannot be sued for the hellish situations they’ve creation.

Because of the Effect, families have been torn apart. There are people and pets that existed in the old reality that never existed in this reality. I know people who have divorced over the Effect; other family members no longer talk to each other because of disagreements over the Effect. Thanks to experiments at CERN, people have lost their jobs, their minds, and everything in between. However, the scientists continue to applaud themselves.

I have watched a crap-load of videos on CERN. The videos show how proud CERN is about their experiments and their discovery of the Higgs particle. Each new bit of information on CERN makes me angrier. In one of the videos on CERN, a scientist talks about the possibility of gravity leaking from one dimension into another. What he said sounds pretty fancy in theory, until you understand what a dimension really is or you (and your loved ones) are on the receiving end of the experiments.

I did not even come close to studying physics in college, but CERN has gotten me into studying physics and String Theory. There is a visible realm and an unseen but very real realm. The visible realm is inextricably linked to the unseen realm. Everything, including people, is composed of matter, and gravity acts upon that matter. When matter is broken down into its smallest part and that part is broken down even further, that matter leaks/disappears into the unseen. Science calls this realm dark matter.

People have talked about the number of people who are missing from earth in their reality. I have wondered about that for months, since I fell into this God-forsaken rabbit hole called the Mandela Effect. Where did those people go? People don’t just disappear, or do they? I believe I may have the answer to that question, yet many, many questions remain. With the Effect in full effect, can matter as well as gravity disappear into that unseen realm? Is that what happened? At least you and I were thrown into a parallel dimension that can be seen by other people, a dimension that is mostly like our old reality.

Imagine being leaked/thrown into a dimension that is absolutely nothing like the old earth. Imagine having to live in the unseen/spirit realm. The spirit realm, dark matter is made up of things from our nightmares, including angels and demons. Imagine having to run from “things that go bump in the night” and never being able to fully escape. If you get a chance, check out the Netflix series Stranger Things which covers different dimensions that are separated from our reality by only a veil.

I feel for people whose’ loved ones and pets do not exist in this reality. I hope my theory is wrong. I hope the people and their children who have been ripped away from each other are safe on Earth 2, Earth 3, or whatever version of our planet or reality there is. I hope the pets that have been ripped away from their masters are safe.

Some of the smartest scientists on earth have warned the mad scientists at CERN to stop their experiments, but the warnings were ignored. These folks should be slapped, drop kicked, and sued. It’s too bad that CERN is immune from legal penalties.


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