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For Such a Time As This

Posted on July 26, 2016 at 8:20 PM

Every day, I feel an increasing sense that the Tribulation is upon us, that the Great Tribulation will occur within this decade. The time to wake people up and lead them to salvation is winding down.


I can truly say that I know how devastating this Quantum/Mandela Effect is. I am still adjusting to this new reality that is not real. This experience is otherworldly, literally.

Pictures of Bible pages are on other pages on the iabhorcern.org site. I believe that photography will be preserved. The reason I say this is when I searched and searched for the 'lion and the lamb,' Google showed me the images that are on the bottom of the main Web page. One thing sticks out among many thoughts on Google's response: "Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose will grow without thorns." These folks are obviously enjoying mocking Christians. I'm hoping that a picture of a Bible page becomes "art." Prayerfully, the D-Wave Quantum Computer will think the pictures taken by Michael Moore and posted online are art. I'm praying that the pictures on the Website will endure.

I'm considering putting the pictures on a thumb drive as an extra backup. I advise you save the images from the Web site to a thumb "flash" drive if that is possible for you. Share those pictures with others as needed.


Someone mentioned that handwritten scriptures will be corrupted also because they're writing on a page, as are Bibles. Audio files, old Bibles, and commentaries have all been altered. The challenge now is to find the least altered Bible.


I really feel for the individuals who do not see a change in the world around them. Many will wake up later. Too many will believe that the lies this thing has created are actually true; people now think that we (the ones who can see) have been deceived and are deceivers. It's quite sad.


Another truly sad aspect of this is Satan and his minions believe they have won the battle. A lot of people are "happy" because they believe they have defeated the Body of Christ. God saw this coming, though. He warned people to not add to or take away from His Word. Notice that He did not say that the printed Word, the Bible, could not be changed. The quantum change has thrown a curve ball at everyone experiencing the changes. The only ones who saw this coming were God and the individuals who constructed the plan. The Bible promises that the offenders will be punished, though. I find a bit of comfort in that promise.


Take it one second at a time and know that I and prayer warriors around the world are standing with you. Ask the Holy Spirit to cover you daily. Whatever Satan throws at you, do not give him the victory. Do not let him break you. Stand. When you have done all that you can do, stand. Know that He stands with you; He carries you when you need to be carried.


I still believe in God's Word, Jesus Christ. We Christians have been promised that trying times are ahead. Hide the Word in your heart. Hold on to His promises. Remember that the Word says, "Before you were formed in your mother's womb, I knew you." The word "knew" denotes intimate closeness. You were born 'for such a time as this.' There is a reason that you're alive at this time in history: there is something that God put into you that He can use for His purpose.


Reflect on all of the people who have poured themselves into your life and "pay it forward." That expression means 'pass the blessing forward.' People have prayed for me and stood with me when I was even at my lowest. Many of those people have gone on to their eternal reward, so I can't thank them in person. I can help others in honor of the individuals who have helped me, though.


Blessings upon you!

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Reply Lynn
5:44 AM on August 14, 2016 
Thank you for this post and blog. I relate to everything you've experienced with this "Mandela" effect (which I believe is also a play on the word "mandala"). At first I became discouraged by these changes in the Bible...but then the Holy Spirit reassured me with the same revelation you mentioned, that the Word is not confined to a physical book, just like how the Church is not a building...because God and His word dwells in our hearts, as believers.

Keep up the good work, I hope...because so many people at church (the building) are blind, even more so than nonbelievers at times. I attend a Christian university, yet I don't believe people there would accept what has been happening if I told them. They would have a blank stare or think I am crazy, or insist that the Scriptures have always been this way. There is a spirit of blind apathy over the "official" church now, and so many people seem to be Christians by title only...fig trees without fruit. Thank you for being real.

Luke 21:28 "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh."