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Sleep and Coma Rant

Posted on July 19, 2016 at 12:40 AM

I have spent many hours looking for the “lion shall lay down with the lamb” in Isaiah 11:6. So far, I have searched in every physical Bible in my house and car. We have at least 10 paper Bibles (don’t be impressed; I am married to a minister, and I’ve checked every one of them. There’s no “lion and lamb.” I even looked at the Bible phone apps. No “lion and lamb” could be found. I’ve looked at PDFs of the Bible online also. The “lion and the lamb” continues to elude me.

A few days ago, I had what I thought was a good idea: check audio versions of the Bible online. I found a company online that sells audio files of narrated Bibles, and I got excited. I thought, “Ah ha. I got you, Satan. I can prove that the scripture said, ‘the lion and the lamb.” I called the company that sells the narrated Bible. Before I placed an order, I asked the customer service person to read Isaiah 11:6 to me. After she said, “the wolf,” I stopped listening; I was heartbroken. She had no idea that the scripture should say, “the lion and the lamb,” and I thought, “Wow.” I was saddened because she had no idea that anything was different, yet her company sold Bibles.

A few days ago, I Goggled “the lion and the lamb,” The top listing under Google’s All category said “the lion shall lie down with the lamb is one of the most misquoted sayings. Wow! Then, I looked at Google pictures of the lion and the lamb. There were many pictures of the lion and the lamb, but the words on the artwork said, “the wolf shall dwell with the lamb.” I looked further down the page at more artwork, and what I saw shocked me. Someone posted a text picture that says, ‘the lion and the lamb exists only in artwork.’ Other rude comments were displayed on other pictures.

Last night, I searched for at least an hour; I listened to audio files of people narrating the Bible. All of the readers said, “the wolf ...” I heard people say the wrong words, but their voices matched the voices on the rest of the audio files. That was truly Twilight Zone freaky. I have literally become one of the people spoken of in the Bible who are looking for God’s Word but are unable to find it.

I have repented to God for not having devoted more time to Bible study, over the years. Now that I reflect on this Mandela Effect thing, I realize that a thousand years of Bible study would not be enough time. I wish I could turn the clock back and turn the calendar back.

Here is the ironic thing; since June 17, 2016, I have spent an incredible amount of time in Bible study. I know what God has hidden in my heart, and I match my memories with what the Bible now says. Isaiah 11:6 must have been one of the first Bible scriptures to be changed; I suspect that is the reason for the cockiness and mockery on the part of the people (CERN) who used quantum physics in their experiments and have altered the printed and digital Bible. Actually, the folks behind the Mandela Effect altered every physical, digital, and audio version of the Bible and Bible commentary. The King James Version of the Bibles seems to have more changes than the other versions right now. These people didn’t bother to change artwork or songs. Part of the goal seems to be to play games with people’s minds and create division among Christians.

About a week ago, a shill mocked viewers during a YouTube Mandela Effect discussion. The comment was something along the lines of “You ‘Mandelas’ are undergoing mental gymnastics.” Right then I didn’t want to admit that the comment was true. This Mandela Effect can become all consuming. When I fell down this rabbit hole, I had encountered couple of people who said I must have misremembered. Christians have said that their Bible could not, would not ever change. I set out to show that the printed Word had indeed changed. Along the way, I discovered quite a lot of information about who, what, when, where, how, and why of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, I have been able to answer most of those questions completely. For my sake, I do mean unfortunately.

To get those questions answered, I had to stare directly into all aspects of the darkness caused by the Dark One. Remember how Moses’s face was so bright after he met with God, he had to cover over his face? Well, imagine continually look into the darkness, to understand the mind of the Enemy. I believe that God had me and others research answers to the hard questions so we can help rescue people who are headed for Hell. God told me that He wanted me to write, so I continue to write what I learn.

This Mandela thing has worn me out physically, mentally, and emotionally. I work full time, and then I go home to research information that God leads me to. I miss sleeping my usual eight hours and “sleeping in” a bit later on weekends.

The Bible says that the joy of the Lord gives me strength. My happiness is in knowing that God’s promises are still true. That knowledge gives me strength to keep going another day. I am spiritually strong, though. I had major, major concerns during the first couple of weeks after I was affected by the Effect. However, God guards my mind as I look into the darkness, as I try to keep others from feeling the darkness.

While on this journey, I’ve begun to comprehend the difference between words on paper that were inspired by God and the true Word, Jesus Christ. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. … The Word dwelt among us …” Jesus was the One who dwelt among men. When He died, He sent the Holy Spirit, our Comforter. The written Word was later put on paper as God’s love letter to the Church, as a way of directing us to Him.

When I read about the End Times, I always expected that the Bible would eventually be taken out of our hands. The Mandela Effect is worse than that; physical and digital versions of the Bible are being altered on a quantum level as we hold the Bibles, as they lay on tables and bookshelves. The reason I say this is worse is most people have no idea that anything is different. CERN is experimenting with the quark which is the smallest part of an atom. They are experimenting with what is even smaller than the smallest unit (With quantum physics, even that is possible.).

The scientists are working around the clock. Because people can see their Bibles, many Christians have stuck their heads in the sand regarding the Mandela Effect. I asked a minster (I’ll call the minister Rev. Pat.) to fill in the blanks on some commonly-known scriptures. I also asked the minister what God hid in his/her heart about those scriptures. I compared my answers to Pat’s answers. It turned out that the Lord had hidden the same things on Pat’s heart as He had in my heart. Rev. Pat then pulled out a Bible dictionary. The minister proceeded to attempt to explain that the meanings of the words on some of the scriptures were the same as what he/she remembered, so the Bible had not changed. Wow! Now, that takes mental gymnastics. I wonder why Pat didn’t just use his KJV.

Maybe the denial of the Effect stems from an inability to understand how such as thing could be accomplished. Maybe the denial stems from an inability to truly comprehend something so evil. Either way, I have come to believe that it’s easier for a non-Christian to accept the Effect. I have come to believe that we Christians can be very narrow minded; we tend to reject anything that is remotely outside of our sphere of interest. This Quantum/Mandela (whatever you call it) is out of this world. Christians’ interests tend to revolve around getting more people in the pew. We tend not to focus on a true change of heart in ourselves or those who sit on the pews.

Too often, we Christians become a cliquish group of hypocritical Pharisees and Sadducees. We Christians can sometimes act like we’re holier than Christ Himself, yet we gossip and lie on one another.

We tend to not listen to those who are hurting or work to genuinely help those individuals. Too many Christians only wait for a break in an unsaved person’s conversation so that we can persuade that person to join us on the church pew. Do we really see them? Do we really hear them? I wish we Christians could focus more on helping others to know the voice, nature, and will of God. That way, each of us will be able to know when God’s Word doesn’t match the written Word. Jesus came from heaven, taught the disciples and others, and died so that everyone could have a relationship with Him.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that there is a real need for having a gathering place, for the assembly of the brethren. However, in this time in history, we must also know Him and help others come to know Him.

I want the Body of Christ to listen more, instead of just talking at people. Then, both the speakers and the listeners benefit. When dialog ensues, we learn from each other.

I do love my brothers and sisters in Christ. We've got do better, though. This admonishment is out of love. Jesus is love; we must show love. One of these days, we will have to stand before the Father and give an account of the deeds done in our bodies.

Finally, sometimes, we must forsake ourselves and what makes us comfortable. We must come out of the spiritual comas. Too many of us are plugged into the matrix, allowing the news media to tell us what is important and what to think. It’s time to wake up.


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