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I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.



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Is the Bible the Word of God?

Posted on June 6, 2017 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (18560)

Whether or not the Bible is the Word of God is a controversial topic. Virtually every Christian I know would say, "Of course the Bible is the Word of God." I understand. I was one of those people until June 13, 2016. Since that date, I have come to understand that the Bible and the Word are very different. I expect to get hate email from this post, but I ask you to reason with me.


I submit to you that Jesus is the Word of God. There is no other. Jesus will share His glory with no one or nothing. Neither is anything or anyone worthy of receiving His glory and praise, especially not ink on paper. The Bible is Scripture the Holy Spirit inspired men to write. The ink on paper is for reproof and correction, to guide men to The Word who will never change, Jesus.

Read John 1:1-14. John 1:1, says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."


John 1:14 says, "The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us ...” -

Those verses refer to Jesus as the Word.

Revelation 19:13 says, "And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God."


The following Scriptures speak on End Times prophecy: Deu. 4:2; Rev. 22:19; Dan. 17:25; Matt 24:24.

Because of mis-translation from the original language to English and other languages, the Scriptures were changed from what the Spirit told men to write. One such example is the word love. English only has one word. The original Greek has four meanings for that word, and each of them are different.


Another issue is the original languages had no word for allowed. Allowed was translated as God caused. So Pharaoh hardened his heart and was punished (makes sense) was translated as God allowed Pharaoh to harden his heart and punished Pharaoh (makes sense). I haven't even dealt with challenges in translating the Bible into other languages.


The late Rev. Charles Capps delivered a powerful sermon series on Hard Sayings in the Bible. Part of what I learned from the sermons is the fact that when languages are translated, errors are not deliberate but inherent. I also learned that the Bible, though important to leading us to our Savior, is an imperfect document. Throughout Capps sermons, he called the Bible the Word of God. Capps went to heaven a long time ago, but I wonder whether he would have continued to call the Bible the Word if he was living today and knew about the Quantum/Mandela Effect. He was never afraid to question what was commonly accepted. I wonder whether he would look into the Effect if he were still here with us. Based on his daughter's (Annette Capps) studies of physics and studies on the ability to change the unseen, I believe Capps would have viewed the Effect as changing laws and times. Sermons by Charles Capps and Annette Capps are available on YouTube.

Links to Capps sermons on hard sayings are:


Within the last 100 years, countless Bibles have been copy-written by ministers and companies that wanted to put their unique spin on the King James Bible. Then, there are all of the other versions (NKJV, NIV, NAS, Amplified,...) that are continually growing. All of these publishers call their Bibles "The Word of God." Some of these versions vary greatly from others. Which Bible is the Word of God?

Yes, the Bible is extremely important, but the book should not be made into an idol to be worshiped. The Church has done just that. We need to worship Jesus and Him alone.

Words written in ink paper can and will change, especially during these last days. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

Blessings upon you.

Crimes Against Humanity

Posted on December 16, 2016 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (1282)

YouTuber NoblenessDee mentioned crimes against humanity in some of his informative videos on population changes and changes in geography. I wish we could sue CERN for crimes against humanity for causing the Mandela Effect/Quantum Effect. I would like to go back home to my old reality/Earth, but that can never happen. Just like the characters in the old TV shows Sliders and Quantum Leap, you and I are stuck here. Even if CERN could reverse what they have done with the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator and three D-Wave computers (they can’t), that would throw even more people into the Effect. This is our new home, and CERN cannot be sued for the hellish situations they’ve creation.

Because of the Effect, families have been torn apart. There are people and pets that existed in the old reality that never existed in this reality. I know people who have divorced over the Effect; other family members no longer talk to each other because of disagreements over the Effect. Thanks to experiments at CERN, people have lost their jobs, their minds, and everything in between. However, the scientists continue to applaud themselves.

I have watched a crap-load of videos on CERN. The videos show how proud CERN is about their experiments and their discovery of the Higgs particle. Each new bit of information on CERN makes me angrier. In one of the videos on CERN, a scientist talks about the possibility of gravity leaking from one dimension into another. What he said sounds pretty fancy in theory, until you understand what a dimension really is or you (and your loved ones) are on the receiving end of the experiments.

I did not even come close to studying physics in college, but CERN has gotten me into studying physics and String Theory. There is a visible realm and an unseen but very real realm. The visible realm is inextricably linked to the unseen realm. Everything, including people, is composed of matter, and gravity acts upon that matter. When matter is broken down into its smallest part and that part is broken down even further, that matter leaks/disappears into the unseen. Science calls this realm dark matter.

People have talked about the number of people who are missing from earth in their reality. I have wondered about that for months, since I fell into this God-forsaken rabbit hole called the Mandela Effect. Where did those people go? People don’t just disappear, or do they? I believe I may have the answer to that question, yet many, many questions remain. With the Effect in full effect, can matter as well as gravity disappear into that unseen realm? Is that what happened? At least you and I were thrown into a parallel dimension that can be seen by other people, a dimension that is mostly like our old reality.

Imagine being leaked/thrown into a dimension that is absolutely nothing like the old earth. Imagine having to live in the unseen/spirit realm. The spirit realm, dark matter is made up of things from our nightmares, including angels and demons. Imagine having to run from “things that go bump in the night” and never being able to fully escape. If you get a chance, check out the Netflix series Stranger Things which covers different dimensions that are separated from our reality by only a veil.

I feel for people whose’ loved ones and pets do not exist in this reality. I hope my theory is wrong. I hope the people and their children who have been ripped away from each other are safe on Earth 2, Earth 3, or whatever version of our planet or reality there is. I hope the pets that have been ripped away from their masters are safe.

Some of the smartest scientists on earth have warned the mad scientists at CERN to stop their experiments, but the warnings were ignored. These folks should be slapped, drop kicked, and sued. It’s too bad that CERN is immune from legal penalties.


I Am Keeping the Faith

Posted on October 1, 2016 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (6256)

I Am Keeping the Faith

This may be my last blog on, but I hope it isn’t. This site may soon be shut down because the U.S. just relinquished control of the Internet a few minutes ago. As the Lucifereans and the globalists move closer to completing their master plan of domination, we can expect our freedoms to decrease more and more. Anyone who has an extreme opinion of religion will not be tolerated much longer. My point of view is pretty extreme on many issues, especially my faith in Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

The KJV is pretty extreme: belief in Jesus as the KJV Bible has undergone many revisions over the years since it was translated. Many people view the Bible as the true, infallible Word of God. There are many versions of the KJV, though. Different publishers put their unique spin on the KJV and got a copyright on their version. Since I know that tidbit, I have to ask which version is the "Word." That's beside the point, though. The Bible will continue to be watered down by the folks who are playing with their new-found quantum physics toys, as other religious doctrines are exalted.

I don't want to fight over Christian doctrine. The main point at this point in history is not doctrine; the main thing is that you know Jesus as Lord. It is extremely important that you ask God to forgive you for your sin and cleanse you for unrighteousness. I don’t mean to be preachy. I just realize that time is short. I know that people have been saying that we’re living in the last days for a very long time. We’re now living in the last hours or minutes of the Church Age. The clock is ticking. Only God knows how much time we really have. God is longsuffering; He does not want anyone to perish (die without accepting His Son as Savior.

The Church has a finite time to preach the Gospel and see souls saved. We can already see that the Evil One, Satan has been making moves to erase the Bible that we’ve known. I pray that the site draws people to Christ. I pray that the videos links (the What Was Will Be Again page) that I have posted will convince people that Jesus is the Son of God. I pray that people become convinced that He died and was raised again.

I have added many video links about Satan’s efforts so that people will not be ignorant of Satan’s devices. I don’t want to give him any glory, though. I want you to know that though the Effect took us humans by surprise, God was not taken by surprise. We can only see time in a linear fashion. God is outside of time. He knows gives us free will but knows what will happen beforehand.

God knew that men would think to change times and laws. He knew that people would be running to and fro seeking His Word but would not be able to find it. Even though He knew the Bible would be changed, that does not mean that the God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were not grieved when these changes actually began to occur.

I am still shocked and grieved about the Effect. I keep thinking that the new dimensions and timelines and the rewriting of history are just a very bad dream. Then, I see something – It can be just a map, an effected movie reference, or an effected quote – and I am jarred back to reality. The unreal is my new reality.

Whatever happens, I can rest assure that my God will never let me down. He never has, and he never will. I will keep the faith, in the immortal words of the Apostle Paul. Regardless of what the short-term or long-term holds for me. God remains faithful. Trust Him.

Blessings upon you!



For Such a Time As This

Posted on July 26, 2016 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (610)

Every day, I feel an increasing sense that the Tribulation is upon us, that the Great Tribulation will occur within this decade. The time to wake people up and lead them to salvation is winding down.


I can truly say that I know how devastating this Quantum/Mandela Effect is. I am still adjusting to this new reality that is not real. This experience is otherworldly, literally.

Pictures of Bible pages are on other pages on the site. I believe that photography will be preserved. The reason I say this is when I searched and searched for the 'lion and the lamb,' Google showed me the images that are on the bottom of the main Web page. One thing sticks out among many thoughts on Google's response: "Only in art will the lion lie down with the lamb, and the rose will grow without thorns." These folks are obviously enjoying mocking Christians. I'm hoping that a picture of a Bible page becomes "art." Prayerfully, the D-Wave Quantum Computer will think the pictures taken by Michael Moore and posted online are art. I'm praying that the pictures on the Website will endure.

I'm considering putting the pictures on a thumb drive as an extra backup. I advise you save the images from the Web site to a thumb "flash" drive if that is possible for you. Share those pictures with others as needed.


Someone mentioned that handwritten scriptures will be corrupted also because they're writing on a page, as are Bibles. Audio files, old Bibles, and commentaries have all been altered. The challenge now is to find the least altered Bible.


I really feel for the individuals who do not see a change in the world around them. Many will wake up later. Too many will believe that the lies this thing has created are actually true; people now think that we (the ones who can see) have been deceived and are deceivers. It's quite sad.


Another truly sad aspect of this is Satan and his minions believe they have won the battle. A lot of people are "happy" because they believe they have defeated the Body of Christ. God saw this coming, though. He warned people to not add to or take away from His Word. Notice that He did not say that the printed Word, the Bible, could not be changed. The quantum change has thrown a curve ball at everyone experiencing the changes. The only ones who saw this coming were God and the individuals who constructed the plan. The Bible promises that the offenders will be punished, though. I find a bit of comfort in that promise.


Take it one second at a time and know that I and prayer warriors around the world are standing with you. Ask the Holy Spirit to cover you daily. Whatever Satan throws at you, do not give him the victory. Do not let him break you. Stand. When you have done all that you can do, stand. Know that He stands with you; He carries you when you need to be carried.


I still believe in God's Word, Jesus Christ. We Christians have been promised that trying times are ahead. Hide the Word in your heart. Hold on to His promises. Remember that the Word says, "Before you were formed in your mother's womb, I knew you." The word "knew" denotes intimate closeness. You were born 'for such a time as this.' There is a reason that you're alive at this time in history: there is something that God put into you that He can use for His purpose.


Reflect on all of the people who have poured themselves into your life and "pay it forward." That expression means 'pass the blessing forward.' People have prayed for me and stood with me when I was even at my lowest. Many of those people have gone on to their eternal reward, so I can't thank them in person. I can help others in honor of the individuals who have helped me, though.


Blessings upon you!

Sleep and Coma Rant

Posted on July 19, 2016 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (668)

I have spent many hours looking for the “lion shall lay down with the lamb” in Isaiah 11:6. So far, I have searched in every physical Bible in my house and car. We have at least 10 paper Bibles (don’t be impressed; I am married to a minister, and I’ve checked every one of them. There’s no “lion and lamb.” I even looked at the Bible phone apps. No “lion and lamb” could be found. I’ve looked at PDFs of the Bible online also. The “lion and the lamb” continues to elude me.

A few days ago, I had what I thought was a good idea: check audio versions of the Bible online. I found a company online that sells audio files of narrated Bibles, and I got excited. I thought, “Ah ha. I got you, Satan. I can prove that the scripture said, ‘the lion and the lamb.” I called the company that sells the narrated Bible. Before I placed an order, I asked the customer service person to read Isaiah 11:6 to me. After she said, “the wolf,” I stopped listening; I was heartbroken. She had no idea that the scripture should say, “the lion and the lamb,” and I thought, “Wow.” I was saddened because she had no idea that anything was different, yet her company sold Bibles.

A few days ago, I Goggled “the lion and the lamb,” The top listing under Google’s All category said “the lion shall lie down with the lamb is one of the most misquoted sayings. Wow! Then, I looked at Google pictures of the lion and the lamb. There were many pictures of the lion and the lamb, but the words on the artwork said, “the wolf shall dwell with the lamb.” I looked further down the page at more artwork, and what I saw shocked me. Someone posted a text picture that says, ‘the lion and the lamb exists only in artwork.’ Other rude comments were displayed on other pictures.

Last night, I searched for at least an hour; I listened to audio files of people narrating the Bible. All of the readers said, “the wolf ...” I heard people say the wrong words, but their voices matched the voices on the rest of the audio files. That was truly Twilight Zone freaky. I have literally become one of the people spoken of in the Bible who are looking for God’s Word but are unable to find it.

I have repented to God for not having devoted more time to Bible study, over the years. Now that I reflect on this Mandela Effect thing, I realize that a thousand years of Bible study would not be enough time. I wish I could turn the clock back and turn the calendar back.

Here is the ironic thing; since June 17, 2016, I have spent an incredible amount of time in Bible study. I know what God has hidden in my heart, and I match my memories with what the Bible now says. Isaiah 11:6 must have been one of the first Bible scriptures to be changed; I suspect that is the reason for the cockiness and mockery on the part of the people (CERN) who used quantum physics in their experiments and have altered the printed and digital Bible. Actually, the folks behind the Mandela Effect altered every physical, digital, and audio version of the Bible and Bible commentary. The King James Version of the Bibles seems to have more changes than the other versions right now. These people didn’t bother to change artwork or songs. Part of the goal seems to be to play games with people’s minds and create division among Christians.

About a week ago, a shill mocked viewers during a YouTube Mandela Effect discussion. The comment was something along the lines of “You ‘Mandelas’ are undergoing mental gymnastics.” Right then I didn’t want to admit that the comment was true. This Mandela Effect can become all consuming. When I fell down this rabbit hole, I had encountered couple of people who said I must have misremembered. Christians have said that their Bible could not, would not ever change. I set out to show that the printed Word had indeed changed. Along the way, I discovered quite a lot of information about who, what, when, where, how, and why of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, I have been able to answer most of those questions completely. For my sake, I do mean unfortunately.

To get those questions answered, I had to stare directly into all aspects of the darkness caused by the Dark One. Remember how Moses’s face was so bright after he met with God, he had to cover over his face? Well, imagine continually look into the darkness, to understand the mind of the Enemy. I believe that God had me and others research answers to the hard questions so we can help rescue people who are headed for Hell. God told me that He wanted me to write, so I continue to write what I learn.

This Mandela thing has worn me out physically, mentally, and emotionally. I work full time, and then I go home to research information that God leads me to. I miss sleeping my usual eight hours and “sleeping in” a bit later on weekends.

The Bible says that the joy of the Lord gives me strength. My happiness is in knowing that God’s promises are still true. That knowledge gives me strength to keep going another day. I am spiritually strong, though. I had major, major concerns during the first couple of weeks after I was affected by the Effect. However, God guards my mind as I look into the darkness, as I try to keep others from feeling the darkness.

While on this journey, I’ve begun to comprehend the difference between words on paper that were inspired by God and the true Word, Jesus Christ. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. … The Word dwelt among us …” Jesus was the One who dwelt among men. When He died, He sent the Holy Spirit, our Comforter. The written Word was later put on paper as God’s love letter to the Church, as a way of directing us to Him.

When I read about the End Times, I always expected that the Bible would eventually be taken out of our hands. The Mandela Effect is worse than that; physical and digital versions of the Bible are being altered on a quantum level as we hold the Bibles, as they lay on tables and bookshelves. The reason I say this is worse is most people have no idea that anything is different. CERN is experimenting with the quark which is the smallest part of an atom. They are experimenting with what is even smaller than the smallest unit (With quantum physics, even that is possible.).

The scientists are working around the clock. Because people can see their Bibles, many Christians have stuck their heads in the sand regarding the Mandela Effect. I asked a minster (I’ll call the minister Rev. Pat.) to fill in the blanks on some commonly-known scriptures. I also asked the minister what God hid in his/her heart about those scriptures. I compared my answers to Pat’s answers. It turned out that the Lord had hidden the same things on Pat’s heart as He had in my heart. Rev. Pat then pulled out a Bible dictionary. The minister proceeded to attempt to explain that the meanings of the words on some of the scriptures were the same as what he/she remembered, so the Bible had not changed. Wow! Now, that takes mental gymnastics. I wonder why Pat didn’t just use his KJV.

Maybe the denial of the Effect stems from an inability to understand how such as thing could be accomplished. Maybe the denial stems from an inability to truly comprehend something so evil. Either way, I have come to believe that it’s easier for a non-Christian to accept the Effect. I have come to believe that we Christians can be very narrow minded; we tend to reject anything that is remotely outside of our sphere of interest. This Quantum/Mandela (whatever you call it) is out of this world. Christians’ interests tend to revolve around getting more people in the pew. We tend not to focus on a true change of heart in ourselves or those who sit on the pews.

Too often, we Christians become a cliquish group of hypocritical Pharisees and Sadducees. We Christians can sometimes act like we’re holier than Christ Himself, yet we gossip and lie on one another.

We tend to not listen to those who are hurting or work to genuinely help those individuals. Too many Christians only wait for a break in an unsaved person’s conversation so that we can persuade that person to join us on the church pew. Do we really see them? Do we really hear them? I wish we Christians could focus more on helping others to know the voice, nature, and will of God. That way, each of us will be able to know when God’s Word doesn’t match the written Word. Jesus came from heaven, taught the disciples and others, and died so that everyone could have a relationship with Him.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that there is a real need for having a gathering place, for the assembly of the brethren. However, in this time in history, we must also know Him and help others come to know Him.

I want the Body of Christ to listen more, instead of just talking at people. Then, both the speakers and the listeners benefit. When dialog ensues, we learn from each other.

I do love my brothers and sisters in Christ. We've got do better, though. This admonishment is out of love. Jesus is love; we must show love. One of these days, we will have to stand before the Father and give an account of the deeds done in our bodies.

Finally, sometimes, we must forsake ourselves and what makes us comfortable. We must come out of the spiritual comas. Too many of us are plugged into the matrix, allowing the news media to tell us what is important and what to think. It’s time to wake up.


Reddit Mandela Effect/Quantum Effect list

Posted on July 11, 2016 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (583)

Mandela Effect/Quantum Effect Lists

Select the link and sign up to add comments on the Reddit Website.

300 Changes in the NIV

Mandela Effect-altered KJV Book

Questionnaire For Christians Regarding Knowledge of the Word

Posted on July 10, 2016 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (1254)

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; ,,, The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us ...” - John 1:1, 14


“Thy Word have I hidden in mine heart that thy might not sin against thee.” – Psalm 119:11


What Have You Hidden In Your Heart?

The following questions are for you to examine what God’s Spirit has hidden in your heart.


Answer the following questions from memory (do not research the answers). Write your answers on a sheet of paper. 

1. Matthew 6:9-13

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done ________ earth as it is in heaven ... 



2. Isaiah 11:6/Isaiah 65:25 regardinvg the Millennial reign of Christ on earth.

The _____ shall ___________ with the lamb.



3. Luke 12:24

Consider the ________________: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?



4. Luke 21:9

But when ye shall hear of wars and __________________________________, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end [is] not yet.



5. Matthew 7:1

Judge not __________________________________.



6. Genesis 1:1

In the beginning, God created the ________ and the earth.


Now, open your Bible to the scriptures. Compare your responses to what is in the Bible.

What I remember learning vs. what is in the Bible


1. Matthew 6:9-13

I remember: "on earth as it is in heaven."

The KJV Bible now says, "in earth."


2. Isaiah 11:6/Isaiah 65:25

I remember "The lion shall lie down with the lamb."

The Bible now says wolf shall dwell with the lamb.


3. Luke 12:24

I remember "Birds of the field," sparrow.

The KJV Bible now says ravens instead of birds of the field.


4. Luke 21:9

 I remember "Rumors of war."

KJV now has "commotions." Other versions of the Bible say "insurrections," "disturbances," and "revolutions


5. Matthew 7:1

I remember "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

The KJV now says, "Judge not that ye be not judged."


6. Genesis 1:1

I remember "heavens."

The KJV now says, "heaven," singular.


Misc: Not According to the Bible I remember


Genesis 21:14a-19 Bottle of water???

Exodus 13:12, 15 Matrix is now in the Bible 5 times.

Exodus 34:14 God’s name is Jealous????? What????

Leviticus 2:7, 7:9 Frying pan? – These were not invented yet.

Numbers 11:12 Have I conceived all this people? have I begotten them, that thou shouldest say unto me, Carry them in thy bosom, as a nursing father beareth the sucking child, unto the land which thou swarest unto their fathers? This used to say “as a father beareth the sucking child…” 

Numbers 24:8 Unicorn?????

1 Kings 11: 22 Apes and peacocks

2 Kings 18:27 Piss/pisseth in now in the Bible 8 times. Nope.

Job 19:23 Words were written in a book. I remember writen in a scroll.

Job 21:24… Now reads: His breasts are full of milk, and his bones are moistened with marrow. This used to be “his pails (or troughs) are full of milk…”

Psalms 18:43 Not my God.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 Wow!!!! What?????

Jeremiah 9:11 Dragons This is used 9 times in KJV.

Ezekiel 12:3, 4, 7 Stuff is now in the Bible 13 times.

Matt. 2:17 Jeremie. What??? The name should be Jeremiah.


Matt. 26:45 "Then cometh he to his disciples, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: behold, the hour is at hand, and the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. This used to be “Are you still sleeping and resting? Behold…”

Matt. 27:9 Jeremy Who is Jeremy??????


Mark 13:10 "And the gospel must first be published among all nations." This was always preached or proclaimed before.


Luke 1:35 "And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." This was NEVER “thing.” It was that holy one, not a “thing”.

Luke 17:34-35 Homosexuality innuendo (2 men in a bed, 2 women grinding)

Luke 19:12-27 "But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me" WHAAAAT???????? Slay them before me?????!!!! – Not the Jesus I know. This used to say "shew them" That means show them.

Pounds, money, trading – These words were not used back then.

Acts 12:4 Easter (It should be Passover.) “Easter” was not a word then.

Romans 9:29 Sodoma and Gomorrha – The names are misspelled.

2 Peter 2:16 Dumb ass?????

2 John 12 Pen and ink – These had not been created when Jesus was on earth.

If your answers to the questions are different from what is in your Bible, you are not alone. I have bad news for you: the best-selling book of all time, the Bible, is being rewritten.

Jesus is the Word

The Bible was God-breathed. It was written by men of God and by inspiration of God. The purpose of the Bible is for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. It is part of the creation, therefore, it is not to be worshipped.

Jesus is the Word of God. Look at John 1:1, 14 again. Also look at Revelation 19:13 which says, "And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God."

In Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:19, God commanded us to not add to or take away from His commands. When someone gives a command to not do something, that means that it is possible to do what is prohibited. Even before God inspired the prophets to write the Bible, He knew that it was possible to change the scriptures. He also knew that the Bible would be altered.

We were warned in Daniel 7:25 that the Church would come under attack. "And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time." We are witnessing times (history) being changed and physical laws being changed. Prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes.

CERN, the Destroyer


Jesus will never change. God’s Word that His Spirit has hidden in a Christian’s heart will never change. The Bible (all versions of the Bible) is being altered. The King James Version seems to be undergoing the most changes.


The changes are likely caused by a group of scientists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland experimenting with the dimensions of time and space. I know that sounds impossible, but how can anyone account for every physical copy of the Bible, both digital and paper copies and every version, having words/sentences added and removed? For example, if you look at your grandmother’s 100-year-old Bible on your bookshelf, it reads differently from what you were taught.


This phenomenon is known as the Mandela Effect or the Quantum Effect. The Mandela/Quantum Effect is a residue of what you have been taught. For a Christian, that residue/memory comes from what the Holy Spirit breathed into that individual. It is what has been hidden in the heart.


Sadly, most Christians will convince themselves that Jesus actually wanted His enemies to be brought to Him and slain before Him. Many Christians will also convince themselves of the lie that the disciples wrote apes, unicorns, dragons, Easter, and dumb asses currently in the Bible were written by the disciples. Remember that Satan is the father of lies.


God told us in Matt. 24:24, “For there shall arise false christs and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” CERN has created a strong delusion by adding and taking away from the written Word.


The passage is being played out now. Changes to Bibles are being made in real time, sometimes before our very eyes. The alterations are increasing in frequency and becoming more bizarre. Some additions involve things that are against God’s nature and Jesus’ nature and character. They’re becoming more anti-Christian.


Deuteronomy 4:2 tells us, “You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.”


Revelation 22:1 says, “And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”


Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 21:1 do not say that it is impossible to add or take away words from the Bible. The command is written like the Ten Commandments: thou shalt not. ...” CERN is using the quantum physics law that works like faith: every physical thing is subject to change.


Please tell the congregation to trust what God has hidden in their hearts. Amos 8:11 warns us, “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the LORD:”


For more information on changes to the Bible, visit the The Quantum Effect Concerning The Scriptures Facebook group. I also highly recommend YouTube videos on the Quantum Effect or the Mandela Effect by Paul Adams and photohelix.


For general information about non-biblical changes, search Google and YouTube for the Mandela Effect, Quantum Effect, or Mandela/Quantum Effect.

Mandela/Quantum Madness and the Quest for Truth

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I went on the research kick. I found some more interesting video links. Here they are:


File the CERN video under 'These folks really love to brag about themselves.' CERN made that video many years ago. I especially love (not) the part in the video that talks about making you lose your mind. It looks like the scientists had a good idea of the impact of their experiments. These people are truly twisted in the head. I'm happy that God has a special place for these people who have caused all of this misery.




That video is about the history of CERN.


Watch "Time, CERN, and the Bible" on YouTube.


Watch "Its All About Yeshua" on YouTube,



Quantum Faith - Segment 1


Quantum Faith - Segment 2


Quantum Faith - Segment 3


Quantum Mechanics of Faith


This last video involves using faith to call things that are not as though they are. Ms. Capps says all things that are physical are subject to change (look at the section from 15:19 to 16:39).


Faith uses the laws of quantum physics. The Bible is a physical document that was written by men who were inspired by the Word of God.


Mandela/Quantum Effect and CERN: How? and Why?

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Mandela/Quantum Effect and CERN: How? and Why?


There are so very many videos about the Mandela Effect (ME). I realize that you have likely seen many, many videos about the ME. The list of changes continues to grow by the minute.


The Effect cannot be proven tangibly at right now (July 2016). I wanted to determine why and the how people’s realities could be changed. I set out to look at science, to find out whether the dimensions of time and space could be manipulated. I also wanted to ascertain the whys of this issue.


The first link below is just one compilation of the many anomalies in the Mandela/Quantum Effect; I posted the first link for individuals who are new to the topic. The YouTube posts and Google listings on ME continue to grow daily.


The main focus of this particular list involves general information about CERN, viewpoints of Christian and quantum science specialists, and a few of the oddities linked to CERN.


The Mandela/Quantum Effect




Top 10 Best Proofs of the Mandela Effect: CERN Changing History 2016


Urgent ALERT This will affect everyone! MUST SEE mandela and cern


The Mandela Effect WHY CERN Holds the KEY. What YOU Aren't Supposed To Know.


Mind Blowing Proof of what Could be Causing the Mandela Effect


MANDELA EFFECT! Quantum Computing Artificial Intelligence Is Here!




Brian Cox Higgs Boson Particle Discovery BBC


A Crash Course In Particle Physics (1 of 2)


A Crash Course In Particle Physics (2 of 2)


Brian Cox: Particle Physics Lecture at CERN - Master of Science (DOCUMENTARY)


ʬ PBS NOVA 2015: Big Bang Machine CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - BBC Documentary YouTube


Quantum Time, CERN and the Quantum Effect:

Paul Adams




CERN Oddities

The list below involves CERN and oddities surrounding CERN.


Extremely Strange Cloud Portal Anomaly Forms Above CERN - Caught on Radar 07.05.2016


CERN Cracks Earths Shield


Here We Go!! CERN Potentially Discovered The Mysterious Particle "X"


Stephen Hawking - The God Particle Could Destroy Us All


Mystery of the Large Hadron Collider (Short)




Trumpets Are Sounding Around The World (from the sky)


Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide 2016... (Shocking Footage)


MEDIA SHUT DOWN! UFO Sightings HAARP Conspiracy NWO Illuminati CERN? 2015 Share This!


CERN Large Hadron collider LHC BSRT beams show Demon faces 24th September


Demon Faces in close up analysis Cern beam footage and animals


CERN's Sept. Event & "Unidentified Falling Objects inside LHC"- CERN Scientists.


Mysterious City Appears In Sky Above China


Alien Or Heavenly Realm Appears Over New York?


UFO entering Interdimensional Portal over Geneva SWITZERLAND - Dec 2015 !!!


NEW HUGE Phenomenon observed over Geneva - CERN Area Sept 28, 2015 !


End Times: What Portal did CERN Open Now? Strange Clouds Hover at CERN LHC Cause CONCERN.


What portal did CERN open now? Strange Clouds Hover Above the LHC


BOMBSHELL: CERN and the LHC Just Shook The Entire Planet Like A Drunkard




Aldous Huxley Describes the Dancing Shiva Image


CERN And Shiva The Dance of Destruction


The folks at CERN love to brag about themselves

Videos Produced By CERN and Commentary




Symmetry: A Short Film


CERN film "Symmetry" Exposed illuminati END OF TIME RITUAL (R$E)


CERN: Symmetry Movie Predicts Devastating Cataclysm


CERN Dance of Destruction - Symmetry & Pet Goat


We are "Happy" at CERN


Christian Perspectives, Christian Physics Study



The truth about CERN and the vatican's secret plan


Watch "Time, CERN, and the Bible" on YouTube


Sermon: What Christians should know about CERN


CERN-Shiva-Apollyon rising


CERN and the Bottomless Pit:

CERN; ABADDON'S Key to the bottomless pit and Locust army


Christian Quantum Physics +

Chuck Missler Scientific Proof Of The MATRIX A Virtual Reality Universe


Chuck Missler Spiritual Realms Beyond Space & Time


Annette Capps and Charles Capps (Audio only):



Annette Capps and Charles Capps (Video):

Quantum Faith - Segment 1


Annette Capps and Charles Capps (Video):

Quantum Faith - Segment 2


Annette Capps and Charles Capps (Video):

Quantum Faith - Segment 3


Questioned Bible Content


Wendy Mitchell Blogspot of Real-time Changes As of June 27, 2016:


Mandela Effect Wiki Forum;


Facebook Groups


Quantum Effect Bible Changes Website




Miscellaneous Illuminati Aspects Connected To CERN


The Brave New World Order: The 9/11 Pyramid Mega-Ritual (Video)


Strange Pyramid Shape Find That Connects to 9/11... | 9/11 and Ground Zero






Did the 911 inside job opening of the CERN gate?


THEY TRIED TO TELL YOU / Occultscience101




Opening of Gotthard Tunnel


Gotthard Tunnel (Close to CERN) Satanic Opening Ceremony Playlist


Satanic Gotthard Base Tunnel Ceremony DECODED World's Longest Tunnel Serpent Train of TIME


Uncut Occult ceremony at the Opening of World’s longest tunnel near CERN in Gotthard massif.+ sound

This list is by no means comprehensive. Each YouTube link opens a page full of semi-related links on YouTube. I had to narrow this down to links that are I felt were most directly related to the why and how of the Mandela/Quantum Effect. Feel to email me if you find other information directly related to the how and why of the Effect. My email address is [email protected]