I Abhor CERN

Seek truth. Expose evil. CERN is evil.

CERN is evil incarnate.
God already has the victory, and He will get the glory.

Facebook Groups Plus

Facebook has many Quantum Effect/Mandela Effect Facebook groups. Some of the groups focus on changes to the Bible, and others focus on general Effect changes. Most of the groups are closed. The closed  groups require permission for membership; they bar members who are argumentative and members who attempt to debunk the phenomena.

Some of the groups are:

Quantum Effects Website

In addition to the Facebook pages on the Effect and the IAbhorCERN.org  site, the Quantum Warriors at https://quantumwarriors.net/ is dedicated to discussing changes to the Bible. You will have to register on the site the first time you visit the site.  

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I Abhor CERN

I fell into the Mandela Effect rabbit hole on June 17, 2015. Thanks to God, friends and family, and YouTube, I have climbed out of that hole. I want to help others who are trying to understand the ME. 

I have been a Christian for most of my life. This experience with the Mandela Effect has been the most jarring experience in my life. My mission is to help others fight against the effects of the Effect, to help them find the Truth. 

I now know that Jesus is the Truth incarnate. I thank God that the Truth, His true Word, is hidden in my heart that I will not sin against Him. 

God has commanded me to help others, and I must obey His call. Contact me if you need help with all of the changes caused by the Effect or you want to learn about Jesus. I truly understand what you're going through on the on-going search for Truth. 

Also, you may donate if you wish to support the mission of iabhorcern.org.